Why you have to choose YEKTA Energy?

YEKTA Energy, has been serving with its ELSE Energy company, which has a very important share in consultancy, project design, EPC, Operation & Maintenance services with Turkey’s most experienced expert staff in Solar Power Plants since 2011.By continuing as YEKTA Energy, an organization of Çay Group, which offers innovative and reliable engineering solutions by strength our power at international quality standard, we provide the best service with our expert and experienced staff under any circumstances, since 2022.

Yekta Energy has an impressive experience with its professional planning and implementation team. Yekta Energy starts this process with consultancy and planning phase, then proceeds in accordance with the plan and completes the work by fulfilling the provisional acceptance processes and timely work delivery thanks to its strong financial structure despite any disruptions that may occur.

YEKTA Energy monitors your power plant instantly, increases your availability with quick interventions, and checks whether your power plant is working as predicted, with the Energy Data Monitoring System (EVIS), which it has designed with its experience and expert engineers who keep up with the developing world.

We are the performance friend of your investment with periodic maintenance to extend the life of the equipment, and predictive maintenance services that are performed according to measurement and evaluation techniques and prevent the occurrence of malfunctions.